Monday, August 12, 2013

After much soul searching...

After much soul searching and some failed attempts, I have committed to adopt a little girl in Eastern Europe (I am not allowed, by her country's rules, to say which country).  I feel very badly that my other attempts failed, and will keep these children in my prayers forever...but I do feel as though "Violet" was meant to be mine.  I felt connections with the other girls I attempted to commit to, and fell in love with them...but it seems so much stronger this time.  I am dying to share her pictures and the video sent to me from Hopscotch Adoptions, my new agency, but I am not allowed!!  I can tell you that she will be 2 years old in September, just 9 days after my sister's 44th!!  She has Down syndrome.  They say she is very sensitive and likes attention. Well, Violet, there are not other children in this house so you will be the center of attention!!  I am working on getting my dossier together and getting my home study will take at least a couple of months.  I am so excited to be able to call her my daughter...I always loved the word daughter...from the time I was a little girl it always sounded so pretty to me!!  I am keeping Gerri's pic on this blog hoping people will pray for her...I really feel sad that I was unable to complete the adoption with her, but hopefully she will find a terrific family in another country.

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    I also posted a guest post for the family adopting Channah- check it out!


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